Competition Rules & Guidelines


Official Rules

Determining Winners: By participating, contest participants hereby agree that reports from our third-party tracking provider (LinkShare) shall serve as the definitive record and shall be the determining factor in the event of any dispute. Winners will be determined based on total commissions (in US dollars and cents) earned during the period of the contest. In the event of a tie by margin of same amount in total commissions by dollars and cents, both winners will get the same prize.

Disqualification: Affiliate contestants will be disqualified from the Contest if they fail to comply with these Official Rules, the terms and conditions of LinkShare’s Affiliate Service Agreement, and/or Udemy's Affiliate Operating Agreement. It’s against the policies of our program do paid advertising using our trademark, so no paid ads of any kind sending traffic straight to our pages or using our trademark. None of your owned domains (or social media pages!) can contain our company name at all. These are our registered trademarks.

Eligibility: This Contest is open only to Affiliates who are registered members of the Udemy Affiliate Program and who remain registered members of the Udemy Affiliate Program at the time of the awarding of the prize.

Contest Period

Monday, Oct 31st 12:00:00 AM Pacific Time (PT) and it ends on

Sunday Nov 13th 11:59:59 PM Pacific Time (PT)

Definitions of Terms

“Affiliates” Defined: A business associate who has joined the Udemy Affiliate Program and has agreed to the terms and conditions of LinkShare’s Affiliate Service Agreement, and Udemy's Affiliate Operating Agreement.

"Total Commission" Defined: total sales earned by Affiliates during the Contest period and that will qualify as the ranking metric for the contest. Defined in LinkShare as baseline commissions plus adjusted commissions

Winner Notification

Udemy will notify the winning Affiliates by mail and/or e-mail on or about November 18, 2016. Payments will be submitted along with regular affiliate commissions via Paypal. In the case that paypal is not available to the affiliate we will send it along their Linkshare commissions and add it as a manual bonus transaction. The winner is responsible for payment of all taxes and/or fees on the prize and for any other expenses not specifically described herein. If the prize or prize notification is unclaimed or returned as undeliverable via Paypal, the prize will be forfeited and awarded to an alternate winner.

By participating in the Contest, entrants hereby grant Udemy rights to with publish your Publisher Name in the competition as it appears in your Rakuten Linkshare account.



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