How much can you make?

You earn commission for every paid course purchase you refer to us, our cookies are universal so you will get credit for any paid course the customer you refer to us, buys (except in the case when customers make a purchase using a free coupon code to pay or the course is free).

  • If Customer A clicks through your affiliate link and buys a Udemy course. You would earn commission.
  • If Customer A decides to click through your link but not buy the course, the attribution cookie is still stored on the browser he used while clicking your link. If Customer A comes back to Udemy and makes a paid purchase within 7 days you earn commission. 
  • If Customer A buys multiple courses within 7 days of clicking on your tracking link you will earn a commission on all those courses too.

We also run sales contests and promotions, so there are plenty of opportunities to earn above and beyond our base rate!


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