What are the requirements to sign up?


When reviewing your application, we check to make sure the following criteria is met:

A list of followers: whether it is an email list, social media following on fanbase, we look to work with a partner that has already built an engaged audience.

Consistent traffic: we look at your traffic using and other search engines to understand the traffic on your website. Having a website or at least an active social media page (such as a fan page, twitter or other) is required. When applying, please make sure you list all websites or online channels you will use to promote our products.

Site Theme: With over thousands of courses, chances are we have a Udemy course on the topic of your site. We look at a fit in topics/niche when evaluating your application.

Site Content: We look for a variety of content on your website and channels. Sites that have no existing content or communication channels might need to work on this part of their site first before applying

Alignment with our brand: we have a company mission and brand we have worked hard to build. We look at your own brand to make sure there is alignment between us and our offers with look coherent with what you offer on your site.


During the application process, potential affiliates may be asked to share additional information about any of the listed criteria.

For now we don't welcome any sites who solely talk about Udemy as well as paid advertising affiliates.


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    JC Solorio

    Great. I guess I won't be recommending any of your courses then, since I don't "meet your criteria."

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    Violet Yap

    I'm also not be able to recommend any of Udemy courses with these new requirements to be an affiliate. What a dissapointment,

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