How do I promote Udemy courses?

Udemy runs promotions on courses each month to make them more accessible and to increase their visibility. It is highly encouraged that affiliates take advantage of the opportunity to promote courses at a discounted price. You will receive notice of when these promotions are running with directly to your inbox - we send regular emails to all our affiliates from

With these promotions, there are a couple of things that you will want to take into account. For example, promotions have a short duration and a clear beginning and ending date. After the end date, the coupons will expire and the discount will no longer be valid.

These promotions also include creative assets and banners with clear messaging. You are not required to use banners in conjunction with the text links, although, it is encouraged to add images to your promotions.

The email with the promotion details will include a link to the homepage along with a coupon code. You can always use the homepage link to promote our products, however, we encourage the simultaneous use of the coupon code with an individual course.  Instructions on how to show the discount on an individual course page can be found below here.


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