What are the terms of Udemy’s Affiliate Program?

Commission structure

  • Baseline commission = 20% of valid affiliate sales with a potential increase based on performance
  • Return Days/Cookie Window = 7 days


  • With Udemy’s affiliate program you are able to sell to people around the world. Commission rates for sales remain the same regardless of the buyer location.

Earn Commissions for Any Sale Within the Cookie Window

  • If a user clicks through your link and lands directly on a course landing page, but purchases a different course, commission is still awarded as long as the purchase is made within seven days. If someone purchases a course and then several days later purchases a different course, commission is awarded for both purchases assuming they are both within the seven-day cookie window.


Course Preview Videos available on our site are copyrighted content belonging to our instructors and are not allowed to be uploaded to any Youtube Channels. However, you can create your own review video on any of our courses.

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